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Slots Terms

The following slots terms and jargon will help you find your way around a slot machine or online slots:
Bonus Slots – Bonus slots are slot machines which offer bonus games when the reels land on certain combinations.
Churning – Churning is the way that casinos refer to slots players who use their winnings to continue playing.
Hit – When a player wins on a slot machine, it is called a hit.
Hold Percentage – The hold percentage is the percentage of overall wagers that a machine keeps, as opposed to paying out.
Loose Slots – If a slot machine is paying out a lot of money, it is considered to be a loose machine.
Multiplier Play – Many slot machines allow players to wager differing numbers of coins on each spin, and your winnings vary by how much has been wagered. Generally, a player is only eligible for the jackpot if they have wagered the maximum number of coins.
Pay Table – The pay table is a table showing how much players win for every possible combination on a payline.
Payback Percentage – The payback percentage is the opposite of the hold percentage. It is the percentage of the wagers that are paid back to the player. The payback percentage is calculated based on the chances of each combination appearing, and not on actual payouts.
Payline – The payline is the line of symbols which determine whether you win or lose and how much you win if you win. A single slot machine may have many paylines at the same time.
Payout – The payout is the amount of money that a player wins on any given spin of the reels.
Progressive Jackpot – A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which is added to every time a player plays but does not win money. Progressive jackpots are often linked to many machines and players so that the amount rises quickly. The progressive jackpot is only reset when someone wins the full jackpot.
Progressive Ticker – On a progressive slot machine, the progressive ticker is the area on the machine which tells you the current value of the jackpot.
Pull – A pull refers to a new turning of the reels and refers to the old-style one-armed bandit machines which players pulled down in order to turn the reels.
Random Number Generator (RNG) – The random number generator is the mechanism that a slot machine or online slot uses in order to determine the outcome of each game. In any reputable casino, the RNG is verified by an independent auditor.
Reel – In old-fashioned slot machines, there are small wheels which spin to determine which symbol appears in each space. In newer video slot machines, these are replaced by video images of moving symbols.
Slant Top – Slant tops are slot machines which are shorter and wider than regular slot machines. Many modern machines are slant tops.
Slot Machine – A slot machine is a machine into which one inserts a coin for a chance to win money based on the combination of symbols that appear on the reels. The term also refers to machines which use a cash card or to computer games which imitate slot machines.
Slot Testing – Slot testing is a process by which a player tests a slot machine. It’s done by playing through a set of coins without using any of the winnings.
Slots Cycle – Often players will notice what seems to be a trend of more wins or fewer wins on a slot machine. When a machine goes through a trend of each, it is called a cycle. Players should be aware, however, that there is no real cycle. Each pull is completely random.
Slots Drop/Hold – The slots drop is the amount which goes into the machine. The hold is the amount which remains in the machine after play rather than going to the player.
Sound of Rain – The sound of rain is the sound of coins rolling out of the slot machine, and refers to any big win.
Static Jackpot – A static jackpot is a jackpot which remains the same no matter how much the machine is used.
Stop – A stop is any place in which a reel can stop. This refers to symbols. In some machines, blank spaces between symbols are also stops and are called blanks.
Symbol – The symbol is the picture shown on the reel.
Tight Slots – Tight slots are slot machines which seem to be producing few wins.
Video Slots – Video slots are slot machines which use a computer to simulate the spinning reels. Instead of containing reels with images, they show a simulation of reels with images.



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