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Slots Strategies and Systems

Are There Slots Strategies?
Every devoted slots player has some kind of system or strategy that they believe will help them win. Some swear by one method while others swear by another. The truth is that no method will let you “beat the machine.” Slot machines are designed to give you a random assortment of symbols with each turn of the reels. Some symbols appear more frequently than others, and the symbols which lead to big wins appear less often than others. Even if you see the symbol appear on the board frequently, you can be certain that the winning combination is less common than other combinations.

Understanding the Machine
First, you need to understand how a slot machine works. Old-style slot machines had actual reels. Each reel had ten spaces. Some symbols appeared once on each reel. Others appeared twice on each reel, and still others were featured three times on each reel. Old slot machines had three reels and one payline. If you assume that only symbols can appear, and ignore the possibility of the reels landing between symbols, then hitting three-of-a-kind of a symbol which appears once on each wheel has a probability of one in a thousand. Each time you spin the reels, you have that same chance, since the reels have no memory of what happened last time.

Do Statistics Mean Winnings?
It’s important to note that the statistical probability does not translate to real winnings. If you play a game in which the chances of winning are one in a thousand, and you spin the reels one thousand times, you may win once. You may also win twenty times, or even one thousand times. You may also not win at all. On the other hand, if you played one million times, you would likely win around one thousand times, but there is no guarantee of this. It’s important to remember that every spin has its own odds. That is, if you won the last spin, you are no more or less likely to win on the next one.

Random Number Generator (RNG)
When you’re playing video slots or online slots, there are no actual reels. Instead, the company which created the game has created a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG picks an option out of the possible pool of options. Often, these machines have millions of possible outcomes. Some are more frequent than others. For example, combinations resulting in small prizes are designed to be more frequent than combinations resulting in large prizes. Imagine that the RNG is a person picking a card randomly from the deck, then inserting it back into the deck and shuffling. The chances of drawing a random two are four times those of drawing the ace of spades, for example. However, you might select a card fifty-two times and never draw the ace of the spades even once because the deck is re-shuffled each time.

As a result, you shouldn’t look at a machine’s past performance to determine how likely you are to win. Plainly speaking, a machine’s past performance gives no indication of what will happen in the future.

Responsible Gaming
One strategy for playing slots is to set aside winnings from any big win in a separate pile and not use it to play any more games. In this manner, you will walk out of the casino with your winnings. Another method is to set a goal balance and stop playing as soon as you have reached that goal. Players who get greedy often end up losing everything searching for that elusive jackpot!


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