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Slot Types

Since the invention of the Liberty Bell slot machine, many changes have taken place. At the time, the Liberty Bell was the only type of slot machine available. The options were simple. You could insert money and pull the lever to play, or you could choose not to play. In addition, all of the games were what we refer to today as three-reel-classics. In today’s casinos, you’ll see so many different kinds of slot machines that it can be hard to tell what you’re looking at. To help you, we’ve compiled an explanation of each of the different types of slots games, and these can either be played in land based casinos, or slot machines online at an online casino.

Three Reel Classics – Since the original games were three-reel manual games, three reel slots are considered the classic games. A three-reel slot machine is one which has three columns for symbols. While often three rows of symbols are visible, usually only one is a payline, meaning only the center line is taken into account for determining wins. When you’re playing a three-reel classic, you might even need to pull the arm of the machine to initiate the spinning of the reels.

Five Reel – A five reel machine looks like a three reel slot machine, but is bigger. Instead of having three columns, it has five columns. Often, like a classic three reel, a five reel machine will have only one payline, which is in the center. Some five reel machines have multiple paylines, so it’s important to check how many paylines a five-reel machine has. Generally, players don’t need to get five of the same symbol in order to win a prize. Often, three in a row on the left side of the machine is a winning combination. It’s important to note that the payline starts on the left in most machines. If three symbols in a row are identical on the right side of the machine, it is unlikely to be considered a winning spin. On the other hand, if the five reels all have the same symbol showing, the prize is generally quite large. As a result, five-reel slots are often preferred by players looking for big jackpots.

Video Slots – Video slots have taken over where the old-fashioned reel slots left off. Because they are operated completely electronically, video slots offer many options that the older style of slots cannot offer. For example, video slots offer multiple payline sone can for example play cleopatra slots games now on any computer.
. Not only do all three lines showing have the potential of being paylines, many video slots allow you to choose diagonals and other configurations. Video slots come in many different styles. Some have three reels, while others show five or even more reels. In addition to showing you the animation of the reels spinning, video slots often have other animations which show you your wins. One interesting feature that video slots add to the game is the wild card function. The wild card is a specific symbol which serves to complete a series of three or more symbols in a payline, regardless of what those symbols were. Some video slots have additional scatter bonuses which can be won regardless of where they are in the payline. Some video slots offer bonus games, multiple spins, and progressive jackpots.

Bonus Slots – Bonus slots refers to video slots games which have a bonus game which can be accessed by spinning certain combinations. Sometimes the bonus game allows players to win additional money, sometimes the bonus game gives the player extra free spins, and sometimes the bonus game is the way to win a jackpot. Many players enjoy bonus slots because of the excitement of playing a game within the game.

Multi Spin – The term multi-spin refers to an option that some video slots have. This option allows the player to set the reels to spin a certain number of times without having to press any more buttons. The reels spin and stop, and any winnings are added to the player’s balance. Then, the machine automatically deducts the cost of the next spin from the player’s balance and spins the reels again. Some players enjoy using the multi-spin function so that they can play more than one machine at a time. Others choose not to use the multi-spin feature because they wish to play each spin of the reels separately.

Progressive Slots - The term progressive slots refers to slot machines which allow players to play for a progressive jackpot. The jackpot grows with each game played either on the particular machine or within a particular network. Since the jackpot continues growing until someone wins, it is often a very large sum of money. In the case of large networks, the progressive jackpots can be more than a million dollars. For this reason, many players choose progressive slots over slots with a static jackpot. It’s important to remember, though, that the payout rate on static jackpot machines is generally slightly higher than the payout rate on progressive slots.


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