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Slots History

Although slots are a much more recent game than dice games and roulette games, slots have a long history. The first slot machine ever designed was called the “Liberty Bell” and was designed and built by Charles Fey. The Liberty Bell slot machine made its debut in 1895. The Liberty Bell machine was fully mechanical rather than electrical. It had three reels and had just four different symbols. There were, however, ten symbols hand-painted on each reel. The symbols were based on the deck of cards. The symbols were diamonds, hearts, and spades. Each symbol was painted at least once on each reel, but different symbols appeared on each reel a different number of times to control the frequency with which they would appear. The special symbol was a picture of the liberty bell. Players paid a nickel (five cents) to play. A player who got three liberty bells would win the grand prize, fifty cents, paid out as ten nickels.

Within a very short time, the demand for Liberty Bell machines grew. Fey was unable to produce enough machines to meet demand. In 1907, the Operator Bell machine was designed by a manufacturer of arcade machines. This is the first recorded machine to use the well-known fruit shapes.

In 1934, the first electric gambling machine, Paces Races, was invented. It had a simulated horse race that players bet on. Other machines including a blackjack machine and draw poker machines followed over the next several years. During this time, slots machines became popular in Las Vegas casinos. They were put in the lobbies to amuse the women while their husbands played table games. Soon casino owners realized that the earnings from these machines were just as significant as earnings from table games. The demand for more and more sophisticated and different themed machines increased rapidly.

Eventually, the one-armed bandit became fully electronic, and it became a true staple in every casino around the world. With the development of computers and the constant demand for more reels and more paylines, it was only natural that casinos demanded computerized slots. Video slots have become more and more popular. Reel slots are practically a specialty item in many land-based casinos. Many modern slot machines require no coins. They use a smart card to record payments and wins. There is often an arm just for those who still like the feeling of pulling the one-armed bandit, but the machine can just as easily be operated by the press of a button.

With video slots which are interlinked, progressive slot jackpots have become phenomenal, and more and more players are attracted to the high jackpots. With video slots being computerized, it was a natural progression to add slots to online casinos. Now gamblers can play slots from the comfort of their own home, and they can play anything from a simple fruit machine with one payline to a five-symbol, twenty payline progressive jackpot with bonus game machine. With the available computer infrastructure, there are slots games for every theme imaginable, including casino game specific slots, such as blackjack slots, poker slots and more.

Other Games

If you like playing slots, perhaps you could try poker online. Online poker can be as much as fun as slot machines, and by entering poker rooms you can make new friends and associates to play regularly with. Some sites also offer poker bonus offers, and have their games in multiple languages, such as mejores salas de poker.


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