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Gamble Slots - Your Alround Guide to Playing Slots!

Welcome to Gamble Slots, an alround informative web site for anyone interested in playing online slots or slot machines at there nearest land based casino.

Fast Growing in Popularity

Slots have fast become one of the most popular range of games at any casino, land based or online. New advancing technology and recent fast growth in broadband internet speed connections has allowed for more and better games to be developed at a rate never previously seen in the long history of slots. In the case of online casinos there's exciting new slot game releases every single month. Many are based on well known and extremely popular franchises and brands, for example Marvel Slots featuring the likes of The Incredible Hulk and Spiderman. There's also slots on hit TV shows such as American Idol, Deal Or No Deal and who wants to be a millioniare. Each game type attracting different types of players.

Slots for Beginners

One of the best things about slots is that they are so easy to play. You can get away with just sitting down and clicking or hitting the spin button. However there's alot more to slots online and choosing which type of slots to play and understanding some of the differences may be a little difficult to start with. There's also a number of terms you may never heard of before and once you understand will give more enjoyment to the game.

Slot Strategies and Tips

Like most casino games slot machines cannot be beat using a specific type of strategy or system. However trying out some betting systems can add to the enjoyment of playing some of the best online slots for some players. There are of course general slot tips which can help you keep hold of winnings or for example help you get the most out of your playing time, advice on winning at online slots and a section on online bingo software.

Jackpots and Progressive Slots Jackpots

The excitement of playing most slot games comes with the chance of winning some huge jackpots. Many straight slot games these days offer multiple ways to win across 5 reels and multiple pay lines. If you hit the jackpot on these you generally expect to be taking home a few thousand coins in winnings. If your max betting and maybe playing multiple coins when you hit the jackpot then winnings can be huge.

Also there are many progressive slots. These are slots which are generally linked together and have a continually rising jackpot until its won. Most progressives offer a jackpot in the hundreds of thousands and some even in the millions. How exciting is that, being possibly one spin away from a life changing jackpot! In the right hand menu of this site you can see the some of the biggest progressive jackpot slots available at this current time. Microgaming slots offer a great range of progressive slots.

Slot Tournaments

Online Slot Tournaments are becoming ever more popular and more often made available by the online casinos. So if you are really into online slots, try out some new multi player online slots tournaments that can win you incredible prizes.

Free Slots

Like most casino games slots can be played in free mode and free online slots are hugely popular. Almost all slot games can be played in free mode, all but a few of the progressives for some software types.

Remember Responsible Gambling

Always only bet what you can afford to lose. Only play when you are getting enjoyment from the game. some of the best online slots can be fun for some just playing 0.01 per spin. Many can even be played in free mode.

Slots games and Scratch Cards games have many things in common. Both scratch games and slots games offer well designed game where no previous knowledge required and real possibility to become millionaire in an instant. For that reason many online scratch cards sites started to offer many different slots games. 


If you are looking for an online casino from the USA you still have a great choice to choose from and just about all the casinos that accept USA players have great casino bonuses and no deposit casino bonus codes.

There are many different online casino games which are fun and rewarding to play, such as blackjack, and even online betting on football or apostas on line can be fun. You can also play online poker with some great party poker offer codes.

How do you find the right Canadian online casino? There are a few ways to approach this task. Ask your friends about the Canadian online casino that they enjoy most. You can do a search online or try out a casino site or two and see what feels right.



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